Fun Food Stations

Have you thought about adding a fun food station to your event?

Our team has several different food options

Cannoli Station

Looking for something to supplement your desserts and treats at your wedding or maybe you want something special for a birthday party or corporate event.  Our cannoli station may be what you’re looking for. Many venues have dessert options but we like to think that all you need is some of our cake and cannoli’s to make your day even more special.   
Our cannoli station is the best way to treat your wedding guests. You get to pick your cannoli our as well as fillings and toppings. Everything is put together on the spot for you. Have a special request or a favorite topping, let us know. 

McDonald’s Food Station

Adding your favorites to your event is always in high demand. Tasty burger, fries or event nuggets are always favorites


Pizza Station

Hot, Fresh Pizza Station for your event will make your guest say, WOW. Sicilian slices can be made as a great party favor. Or served as a meal. Our pizza staff make sure your guest are smiling, each and every event.


Donut Wall

This gourmet grazing station is eye catching and fun to entertain your guests as well as spark conversation over dessert! Individual donut hangers allow you to alternate and add different flavours together and you could also incorporate donuts in your theme colours to make it stand out further. Plus, the creative types could recreate this themselves for a frugal alternative for different functions.

Pretzel Bar

If you are looking for savoury snacks to serve, this pretzel bar is perfect and not only offers the salty kind hanging up but has some chocolate dipped options below, as well as other customisation options. It is both interactive, delicious and can definitely get attendees talking.

Vegetable Shooters

Veggies and dips are out, shooters are in! With this quirky idea you can provide a range of different vegetables with their own dips in individual cups to avoid lurking around the salad bar to go back and double dip! Plus this way, attendees can grab their shooters and focus more on networking than a clear line to the salad table.

Fast Food stations

White Castle, McDonalds, Taco bell, L&B pizza and a wide range of other options. You name it, we provide it. Fresh, Hot and our goal is to provide a smile to every one of your guest.

Funnel cakes, Zappoles, Churros, Fried oreos

Made on the spot hot, offer a tasty treat to your event. Our great choices really hit that sweet tooth

Taco Deli Station

Make tacos more gourmet with this deli idea that has pre-made tacos available for guests. You could opt to make them smaller canape sizes for easy handling and a budget friendly idea too, to make the food go further at larger events.

Nacho Bar

This idea is a great way to make your food station more diverse by offering food that can be a snack or customised into something more filling. Adding different types of tortilla chips also adds color and keeps it interesting as well as allowing guests to experiment with flavors.

Popcorn & Cotton Candy Station

Sugary sweet and so so good, candy floss fits in perfectly with a vintage, festival or circus-inspired wedding. Believe us, your guests’ faces will light up when they’re served up freshly-spun candy floss in pretty pastel colours! or A perfect little light snack that’s easy to eat on the go, popcorn can be served at any time of the day from post-ceremony, to pre-dinner or as a late-night treat after a few dances!


Donut station

Who doesn’t love donuts? These sweet and tasty circles of happiness that are sure to put a smile on every guest’s face! You can mix and match flavours, shapes and sizes, or let your guests get creative with delicious glazes or fun sprinkles


S’mores or Milk and Cookie Bar

An American treat which everyone can get on board with, s’mores are a combination of Graham Crackers (malted milk biscuits to us lot!), melted marshmallows, and your favourite chocolate. The marshmallows are melted over a flame so this is a really fun one if if there’s an option of having an outdoor wood fire or BBQ at your wedding. If that sounds like too much faff, we also love the idea of a cookie and milk bar, which works really well as a late-night, sleepytime treat! You could always spike the milk, and create White Russian cocktails to pair with the cookies.

Ice Cream Station

A firm favourite with guests young and old, ice cream always goes down well, and if you’re blessed with a sunny day in summer, it will probably be the highlight of the whole day!



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